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Shade Stable - Side Panel

Specifications and Product Details


3900mm L x 1300mm H


  • Suit's Transportable Shade Shed's Shade Stable
  • Contains 2 x Side Panels
  • 300g UV Treated Shadecloth Panel
  • 610g PVC Edge with Eyelets
  • Dark Green

Add-on Options

We offer additional options or add-ons for a more complete and customised solution for your shade sheds. You can select from the hold-down options, rises, roofing colours, shade cloth, animal panels, and many more.

Hold down options

Ground Anchors

Concrete Pier Kit

Saddles and Dynabolts

Shade Cloth

Shade Cloth End Wall (Shade Stable)

Shade Cloth Side Walls (Shade Stable)


Steel Panel

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IMPORTANT TO READ – BUY THE ORIGINAL The Original and only Registered Business Brand Name Transportable Shade Sheds is owned by Allan Lear. He designed Australia’s first and only branded name the Transportable Shade Shed in 2000 and started Transportable Shade Sheds in 2001. Allan obtained two innovation patents for the bend and swaging technology which has won the company numerous Australian awards which can be seen on our website. Customers beware that other products on the market have unsuccessfully tried to copy our bends in order to appear similar. These knock off products have been made using angle cuts and welds with potential join rust developing and weakened construction because they don’t have the technology to form a seamless bend with increased strength due to the angle. THE ORIGINAL NO RUST BEND SHADE SHED.